We met the artists of Blue Cave 7 studio when they had just taken possession of the premises and they were still organizing their crew. We had gone through Dubai as part of our calligraphic works for the brand MONTBLANC and we had been put in contact with one of those talented artists : Dina Saadi. This creative studio has been very interesting discover because we felt a lot of energy. Mainly composed of Street artists from all around the world ,the people we met were all very enthusiastic and positive. We had a very good contact with them.

It is very exciting for us to observe that even in a very young city like Dubai, such initiatives are borning and will certainly help to change the face of Dubaï by bringing culture and humanity it needs. It was also very special to be on the patio of this huge studio we you can find a pool ! Too cool under the overwhelming heat that is characteristic of this place on the planet. We wish good luck to all these artists and hope to see them again soon!