Supervision of artistic workshops with young people is not our main activity but the “artistic transmission” is very important for us. So we always find time to pass on our passion to younger generations. It is even one of Swana’s most important values: to bring dreams, hope to the young, showing them that they can express themselves despite all the difficulties that may exist in our countries.

Henri Matisse French School

Most of the countries (particularly in the oldFrench colonies) have a French School in their capital. A private French school where the children of expatriates and the wealthiest inhabitants can follow a schooling of quality (much superior to the local establishments unfortunately).
At Swana, we make no distinctions between children. A child is a child, regardless of the social background of his parents. We will treat him with the same respect and with the same passion, whether it comes from a rich background or from the poorest neighborhood of Moroni. We will also here talk about  “SWANAWATROTRO” actions that consist of organizing workshops open to all children in targeted neighborhoods.

A creative workshop with 200 children !

We were therefore very happy when the Ecole Henri Matisse de Moroni contacted us to set up a workshop with the 200 children of the nursery and elementary classes of the school. In close collaboration with the teaching team, it was therefore a question of working around “identity”. A simple principle: We have superimposed two sketches of the word “identity” to create areas that all children would fill with all kinds of patterns / writings, textures, colors, symbols that evokes them this theme.
A very interesting and rewarding project for us who were doing our first workshop with a young audience in the Comoros.

The wall, which measures no less than 10 meters by 3.50 meters high, also serves as decoration in the children’s playground. Do not hesitate to go take a look if you go there and to share your reactions!


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Projet pédagogique école comores
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Enfant comorien peignant sur un mur
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Atelier graffiti en Afrique
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Détail de la fresque graffiti dans l’école
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Arrivée des artistes Swana à L’école Henri Matisse