Hamou is the "Arabic calligraphy" touch of Swana Studio. What most of all passionate this guy is to draw oriental letters wherever he find the opportunity. And this always with an original approach to put his letters in places or with techniques where people not necessarily expect it. For this project, the idea was to paint a wall of UGECAM, a large medical rehabilitation center located in Coubert (France). In this place was shot the film "patients" of the artist "Grand corps malade".

Hamou produced a very modern creation that mixes simple graphic forms and calligraphic plots as he is used to produce in his other works. What is very interesting in what he proposed is that he used a lot of puppy colors for his background and a pure color for the letters: the white. Bringing colors and life into this kind of places is certainly not a detail and we can say that on this point Hamou was very generous. The fact that he also used a broom to make his calligraphy brings something very special and interesting to his piece. Bravo Hamou! you can follow him on his Instagram here