Best Office Ever

At Swana Studio, we are great workers. We spend a lot of time painting and creating with all kinds of tools possible. We have the deep conviction that the environment of working is crucial, even more when it comes to creation. We needed a workspace that matched with our ambitions and convictions. So we rolled up our sleeves and we are very excited to see the result…

We built our office on a high place in order to benefit from the incredible view. And also a very large and enjoyable patio.


It must be said that the setting in which the premises of Moroni is like the perfect place : Who has never dreamed to work with a breathtaking view of the sea. The icing on the cake : the large terrace (our meeting future meeting room ) which will undoubtedly make us enjoy the lush and wild beauty of the landscapes of this island in the Indian Ocean. All is not yet completed at the time we write these lines but we can already enjoy the pleasure to go there to admire the beautiful sunsets offered by nature.

The pleasure to work just in front of a huge and real postcard !

Swana is coming !