Imagine original and modern patterns in tune with our times while drawing inspiration from African culture and craftsmanship: one of the main challenges of our creative studio. The subject of the day is also a very popular symbolic element of North african culture : the famous Khamsa, also called “Main de Fatma” or tafust. We were asked by a Moroccan brand to imagine patterns and work around this symbol in order to embroid it on textile, incorporating a jewel.

The khamsa, khmissa ou tafust

The khamsa, khmissa or tafust is a symbol used as an amulet, talisman and jewel by the inhabitants of North Africa to protect themselves from the evil eye. Symbolic element very popular or even “trendy”, you have certainly already seen it around a neck. We immediately hooked on this project where the idea was also to associate “the eye” to the jewel that would then be added to the embroidery. An original composition that goes out of our way and that we took a lot of pleasure to work, although the project unfortunately could not come to an end. We have nevertheless chosen to present our outlines here because it corresponds to the typology of project that meets a commercial “classic” need but seeks to tap into our urban influences to create something new…

The african designers 2.0

In general, people often tend to associate “African art” with rudimentary techniques, almost primitive creative processes. But contemporary Africa exists. Creativity is there and has the means with its new generation to rub the modern techniques and tools. Example here with these illustrations that have been vectorized (with Adobe Illustrator) just after being drawn, so as to allow to see the pattern in a new light, but also to be adapted to all the techniques of printing and reproduction from the creative phase. This is one of the essential assets of the Comorian creative studio Swana : to have designers able to produce creations directly in digital format, and therefore infinitely variable. A vectorized design can be printed in a very large format and can be perfect for all printing processes. Do not hesitate to contact the team for more informations.

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Design Khamsa