Before Swana, there were different artists painting mostly in the street, especially in Comoros island where Tcharo, Hamou and Hakim Idriss are from. Hamou used to paint with other calligraphers before, in an association called “Calcamart” and they did a lot of stuff for the schools and mosques in Comoros. They met Hakim Idriss (Socrome) in 2010 who started to paint there in the early 2000’s but used to live in Paris France.
There did a lot of collaborations in the this year and this video shows some of them.

Since we met in 2010 in Comoros, we directly started to paint a lot of murals all over Ngazidja island, mixing our styles : graffiti art inherited from New York and Oriental calligraphy. So we can say that our collaboration was an original approach from the beginning.