We regularly work with brands and designers in the fashion industry. During last year, we particularly exchanged a lot with the creative direction of the Moroccan brand Yan & One. What is Yan & One? A brand that brings together in a Beauty SmartStore, the best of global cosmetics while offering a completely new approach, very “digital friendly”. The idea here was to imagine illustrations and designs that would be reproduced mainly on T-shirts worn by vendors.

Black and white designs for more modernity

We were asked for this project to work only in black and white. An instruction that many creative could live as a constraint but on the contrary has cheered the whole team! We very much like this formula because it allows in most cases to maintain a certain modernity and not to fall into an excess or an overlay of colors. It also allows with more elegance to go to the essential, working the composition and the forms. Most of the proposals that we have made are based on a typographic or calligraphic elements, which is quite compatible with this approach. What made us much more involved in this collaboration and which was close to Swana’s state of mind was the move towards a maximum of modernity and freshness, while remaining as faithful as possible to its cultural origins and its singularity of identity (especially by working on symbols such as the Khamsa, to discover in this article e ).

Black and white: economical and adaptable

In addition to being the most elegant formula, it is also the one that can most easily adapt to a maximum of printing techniques at reduced costs. In the era where fabric printing processes are becoming more sophisticated and accessible, having black prints  on white t-shirts is quite easy and represents a derisory manufacturing cost. As you can see, we are strong advocates for black and white designs (or using few colors), not only from the aesthetic point of view, but also for all the assets they can represent for the production phase.

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Designer mode street urbain par Swana
Modern Souk In a Bag
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Création typographes africains
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Graphic designer africain
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Design de tee shirt Yan and One